Corporate Philosophy and Vision

We are standing on the front line of progress in science and technology and on the foundation of harmony and growth of our people in Daesung Group to promote welfare of our customers, shareholders and all the members of Daesung through fair and rational management,carrying out
the social responsibility of a corporate citizen as a world-class enterprise outstanding in our devotion to the public good and in our commitment to professionalism and proper return on investment.

Corporate philosophy


Company Policy

Professional management
Rationalization of management
Internationalization of management

Founded in 1947, we have steadily grown to be one of the most stable companies in Korea while doing our part in the development of national industry especially in the energy sector, under the company mottoes of Service integrity Enterprise. The corporate philosophy of Daesung proclaimed on January 1st, 1993, reflects bothnew challenges of the ever-changing market and our determination to meet them courageously.

Developing New Techology
Today, technological prowess is a principal agent that determines what stage of development a nation is in. It also determines competiveness of a company. The (EC) plan centered on Energy symbolizes Daesung's commitment to take advantage of new technology by strategically applying it to business operations.

Promoting Harmony Among Employees
Promoting harmony among Daesung employees is a key management strategy that made Daesung successful. Harmony among its people, which ensures self-appreciation and the utmost personal worth, coupled with their growing capabilities is the force behind today's Daesung. Daesung will continue to build a corporate culture emphasizing harmony and thus maximize synergy effect.

Practicing Rational Management
If rationality is taken away from management, it will eventually undermine the entire organization. Therefore, we make sure that each business operation is executed based on the agreed rules.It is our belief that fairness and efficiency can be secured only through rational management.

Offering Value for customers, shareholders, and employees
The basics of modern marketing start from customer oriented thinking. Daesung is deeply committed to create the best value for customers share holders, and employees respectively. To achieve the goal, Daesung takes no rest in battle with cost reduction and quality improvement.

Striving towards a world-class enterprise
Some scholars define the characteristics of a world class enterprise as 'an organization which continually creates new worth.' But the meaning of creating new worth should not be limited to make something out of nothing. New worth, through constant improvement of quality in management ability and corporate culture, can be added over the stable foundation built within the boundaries of Daesung's proven business knowhows and resource management.

Fulfiling Social Obligations
Today, public messages concerning the social obligations of businesses are spreading. Meeting social obligations requires not only fair pricing and providing top quality goods at fair price, but also staying away from antisocial, illegal and environmentally hazardous actions, and thus becoming a company worth the people's trust. Daesung has not just talked about this matter but put it into action all along the way.

Daesung Group, having led the Energy sector in Korea for the past half century, has been preparing for a genesis of the company after proclaiming a whole new start.
Our aim is to strengthen competitiveness with exploit knowledge gained from applying the newest technology and to expand the Energy business, the core competency of Daesung Group into various sectors such as environment, construction, steam supply and power generation.
Daesung Group will strive for finding new technology and promise all customers the company will be managed under the aims to attain welfare for mankind.