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  • Introduction of Daesung
    • CEO
      • CEO Message
      • CEO Profile
    • Corporate Philosophy
    • History
      • History
      • Daesung's 60 years
      • President Kim Soo-keon
    • Affiliated Company
      • Organization
      • Daesung Industrial
      • Industrial Gases
      • Daesung Celtic
      • Daesung Measuring
      • Cambridge Filter Korea
      • Daesung C&S
      • Daesung NACHI
      • Daesung Information Systems
      • Daesung E&E
      • S-Phil
      • R&D
    • Direction
  • Products&Service
    • Energy&Overseas Resources Development
      • Petroleum and LP gas
      • Heat Absorption Generating
      • Overseas oil field development
    • Fundamental Materials
      • Industrial Gases
      • Air filters
      • Detergents
    • Machinery & Electronics
      • Geared Motors, etc.
      • Gas meters
      • Computer System
      • Hydraulic valves
      • Home gas boilers
    • Construction, etc.
      • Construction
      • Environment
    • Leisure and Food Distribution
      • Leisure
      • Food Distribution
    • Telecommunication
  • IR Center
    • Management Information
      • Financial Statement
      • Business Showings
    • Credit Ratings


  • Ethics Management
  • Social Contribution
  • Customer Center
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ABOUT DAESUNG, Daesung exists at the center of beautiful world revealed through the 'Energy of Happiness', which leads you to a brighter future and a broader society.

Affiliated Company | Organization

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  • Daesung Industrial Co.,Ltd.
    • Overseas Business Division
    • Food Business Division
    • Overseas Resources Development Division
    • Industrial Gas Division
    • Gas Boilers Division
    • CO-GEN. Division
    • Computer System Integration Division
    • Machinery Business Division
    • Petroleum & LP Gas Business Division
    • Engineering & Construction Division
  • Daesung Industrial Gases Co.,Ltd.
  • Daesung Celtic Co.,Ltd.
  • Daesung Measuring Co.,Ltd.
  • Daesung E&E Co.,Ltd.
  • Res.earch and Development
    • Daesung Cryogenic Research Institute
    • Research & Development Dicision of Daesung Industrial Co.,Ltd.
    • Research Institute affiliated to Daesung Celtic Co.,Ltd.
    • Research Institute affiliated to Daesung C&S Co.,Ltd.
  • S-Phil Co.,Ltd.
  • Daesung Information Systems Co.,Ltd.
  • Cambridge Filter Korea Co.,Ltd.
  • Daesung NACHI Hydraulics Co.,Ltd.
  • Daesung C&S Co.,Ltd.


DAESUNG GROUP PARTNERS.CO.,LTD lead a various of business with Daesung Industrial Co.,Ltd, Daesung Industrial Gases Co.,Ltd, Daesung Measuring Co.,Ltd, Cambridge Filter Korea Co.,Ltd, Daesung C&S Co.,Ltd which is subsidiary of Daesung. And the Afflication of DAESUNG GROUP PARTNERS.CO.,LTD will be leading soulution corporation in various fields of industry for some years ahead.

Daesung Industrial Co., Ltd.

Daesung Industrial was founded in 1947 with entirely national capital as the successor of Daesung Industrial Corporation. After its establishment, it served as the parent enterprise for Daesung Group and it has created many affiliates in the group.

Daesung Industrial Gases Co., Ltd.

From general industrial gases to special gases for semiconductor and LCD
Daesung Industrial Gases Co., Ltd., which has continuously grown and developed as a comprehensive gas producer, ceaselessly develops relevant technology and applies the best quality control and safety management in order to manufacture high quality products.

Daesung Celtic Co., Ltd.

From industrial fields to home?
Daesung Celtic Co., Ltd. was established in July 1982 in cooperation with France-based Chaffotaux et Maury, which provided relevant technology and started to supply 2.16RSc, a European-style orthodox gas boiler, and has developed various models and technology in order to produce and manufacture the best quality and performance gas boilers in Korea .

Daesung Measuring Co., Ltd.

From industrial fields to home?br Daesung Measuring Co., Ltd. not only produces gas meters but also supplies various tools and appliances to measure fluids and pressure controllers for city gas firms and gas facility firms across the country.

Cambridge Filter Korea Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing industrial gas-related products as well as preserving the environment
Cambridge Filter Korea Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of special filters and complex air filters including air filters to be used for TFT-LCD, pharmacy, and hospital clean rooms and equipment and for ducts in buildings and nuclear energy producers, HEPA filters, chemical filters, and PTFE filters. It plays a leading role in the air filter market in Korea .

Daesung C&S Co., Ltd.

Developing energy resources focused on the environment
Since 1989 when Daesung C&S Co., Ltd. was established through the technological cooperation of Daesung Group and Germany-based Henkel KgaA, which takes pride in the best quality and technology in the world, the company has produced various detergents that are being used in almost every field in this modern society.

Daesung NACHI Hydraulics Co., Ltd.

Developing energy resources focused on the environment
Since 1988 when Daesung NACHI Hydraulics Co., Ltd. was established in cooperation with Japan-based NACHI-FUJIKOSHI, which is a world-class manufacturer of hydraulic tools and appliances, the company has produced various hydraulic and pneumatic pressure products and made continuous investment and developed appropriate technology to construct and operate a consistent system for the whole process of producing Hydraulic valves.

Daesung Information Systems.

Planning of another takeoff by establishing CPN (Collaboration Partners Network)
In the era of 21 st century ' s new economy, the role of information in enterprise is emphasized since it could strengthen the competitiveness of a company and create a new business area. As the age of ubiquitous computing is arriving, the information technology is advancing more than ever beyond special and temporal limitations of application, while uniting various business partners in enterprise activities.

Daesung E&E Co., LTD.

Environment & Energy Enterprise, pioneering 21st century
The environment is our legacy for future generations and its problem should be solved urgently. The issue of waste treatment cannot be ignored, to manage our limited territory in an efficient way. Daesung E&E Co., LTD. is the waste treatment company which makes every effort to solve the problem of environmental pollution and improve the quality of our life in the pure and clean environment, by handling wastes perfectly.

S-Phil Co., Ltd

Through new and creative thinking S-Phil completes the ideal space which people and environment are in harmony.? Human, Environment and Creativity are S-Phil’s Unchanging Themes.
S-Phil was found in 1998 and incorporated into Daesung’s subsidiary in 2010. Since we were launched as Daesung’s subsidiary, we conducted interior CM (Construction Management) business associated with D-CUBECITY which is composed with hotel, department store, art center and office.

Research and development sector

Daesung is positively and continuously conducting research and development in related fields to serve each business line. Such research and development activities systematize the technological strategies in diversified project fields, with a focus on the improvement and specialization of up-to-date technology, playing a pivotal role in the development of the company. Continuous investment and support will be actively provided for these activities in the future as well.

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