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ABOUT DAESUNG, Daesung exists at the center of beautiful world revealed through the 'Energy of Happiness', which leads you to a brighter future and a broader society.

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  • Introduction
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Daesung Information Systems photo
662 Kyunglnro, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea, 152-888

Daesung Information Systems.

Planning of another takeoff by establishing CPN (Collaboration Partners Network)

In the era of 21 st century ' s new economy, the role of information in enterprise is emphasized since it could strengthen the competitiveness of a company and create a new business area. As the age of ubiquitous computing is arriving, the information technology is advancing more than ever beyond special and temporal limitations of application, while uniting various business partners in enterprise activities.

In this dynamic change of business and IT environments, Daesung Information Systems. assumes the responsibility of information-oriented advancement of Daesung by developing and managing various applications including ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) in each enterprise field, B2B, B2C, groupware, 6-sigma management system, internal control system, homepage, cyber training center, etc.

Daesung Information Systems. is planning another takeoff, in the basis of Daesung ' s know-how on SM (system management) as well as experiences on projects, aiming at transforming from a SM company to a solution enterprise by discovering a niche market. Currently we are planning and promoting a blue-ocean strategy in developing distinctive solutions and creating original contents. In such an enterprise strategy of Daesung Information Systems., it is critical to manage the collaborative relationship with business partners in various fields. As it can be noticed in our enterprise slogan ??Setting the Most Value on Partnership ??, Daesung Information Systems. puts the highest value on the collaborative relationship with business partners. By continuously increasing the number of partners with which we can co-exist based on the mutual trust, Daesung Information Systems. will establish the original CPN (Collaboration Partners Network).

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