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ABOUT DAESUNG, Daesung exists at the center of beautiful world revealed through the 'Energy of Happiness', which leads you to a brighter future and a broader society.

Affiliated Company | S-Phil Co., Ltd.

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S-Phil photo
662 Kyunglnro, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea, 152-888

S-Phil Co., Ltd

Through new and creative thinking S-Phil completes the ideal space which people and environment are in harmony.

Human, Environment and Creativity are S-Phil’s Unchanging Themes.

S-Phil was found in 1998 and incorporated into Daesung’s subsidiary in 2010. Since we were launched as Daesung’s subsidiary, we conducted interior CM (Construction Management) business associated with D-CUBE CITY which is composed with hotel, department store, art center and office.

S-Phil carries on the plan and validity review involved in interior construction, the business of designer choice, design management, budget management, schedule management, the choice of building contractor, process control, cost management and facility management for our client. We are going to be a leading interior construction management firm based on our high technical know-how. In addition, we want to play a significant role in leading interior CM market in Korea by reinforcing ties with subcontractors such as furniture and lighting manufacturers and providing specialized total services. S-Phil is willing to reestablish Creativity, Rationality and Professionalism in doing business. And we will perform a role as a powerful Interior Design firm which creates environment for faithful and future-oriented people.

S-Phil always thinks in client’s shoes and tries to grow up with our clients by offering personalized services. We do our best to strengthen our position as a professional interior design firm which satisfies clients’ needs from beginning to end.

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