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      • History
      • Daesung's 60 years
      • President Kim Soo-keon
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      • Overseas oil field development
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    • Machinery & Electronics
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      • Computer System
      • Hydraulic valves
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SERVICE&PRODUCT, Daesung Group is doing its best to develop energy resources and provide the nation width energy for living. Daesung will bring happiness into their lives.

Machinery and Electronics | Hydraulic valves

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Daesung Nachi Co., Ltd.

Collaboration with a worldwide manufacturer NACHI-FUJIKOSHI has brought about continuous investment and technological development and made all the production processes a consistent system. Currently, the company produces hydraulic valves, hydraulic pumps, and pneumatic pressure valves. to contribute to the development of industrial machines, farm machines, construction machines, and domestic and foreign industries, with and ambition to launch world-class brands.

Product Name

Solenoid Valve, Relief Valve, Samryun Valve, Control Valve, PTO Valve

Product Handled

Standard Industrial equipment VALVE (Pressure Control Valve, Flow Control Valve, Direction Control Valve), Farming Machinery VALVE (TRACTOR VALVE, COMBINE VALVE, etc), Construction Machinery VALVE(Dayun) SOLENOID VALVE), Air Pressure VALVE(CHECK SOLENOID VALVE, SPEED CONTROL SOLENOID VALVE, AIR CYLINDER)

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