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Export status

Daesung Celtic
Daesung Celtic Enersys Co., Ltd. is continuing its active localization strategy by establishing overseas subsidiaries in the United States, Russia, and China beyond Korea currently. Typically, it is growing every year by exporting gas boiler and gas water heater, and it is striving to expand sales and market share in various overseas regions through continuous quality innovation and product development.
Daesung Measuring
Daesung Measuring produced the gas meter as first in Korea and achieved the localization of household gas meter through its constant technology development. We have international certificates such as EN1359, OIML, ISO and domestic certificate KOLAS and KTC to ensure the safety and quality, and currently exporting to about 30 countries including Asia, South America, Europe and Middle East currently, and progressing the certificate process for each country to enlarge the market.
Daesung Heat
Daesung Heat Enersys is accelerating to develop overseas market by exporting Ground Source Heat Pump and Air Source Heat Pump to Eastern Europe in 2022 for the first time. In addition, CE certificate for Ground Source Pump was completed in 2022 and CE certificate for Air source Heat Pump is in progressing. We will explore the market by focusing our R&D personnel on developing the product suitable for the market site placing the market as United States and Europe.
Daesung NACHI Hydraulics
Daesung NACHI Hydraulics Co., Ltd., is exporting hydraulic valves and components to China and Japan currently, and achieving annual sales of KRW 4 Billion per year. We will not only expand Chinese and Japanese market but also actively explore new markets such as Russia and ASEAN countries in the future.
Daesung C&S
Daesung C&S Co., Ltd. exports laundry detergents, acetic acid peroxide products (food additives), and endoscopic cleaning products to Vietnam, Malaysia, Saipan, and Mongolia. The company plans to expand the export countries to main South East countries, including Indonesia and Sri Lanka, and the export products to kitchen detergents, food & beverage, and cleaning products for processing factories, actively pioneering a new market in the environmental disinfectant area that has drawn a lot of attention since COVID-19.
Machinery Business Division
We are expanding the export market not only in Korea but also in Japan, China, Europe, etc. for hydraulic equipment, reducer and motor, and expanding the global proportion centering in China and Southeast Asia to become a full-scale global company.
Cambridge Filter
Cambridge Filter is exporting air filter products to the countries around the world including Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Major sales products are overall filter products for semiconductor and display company, pharmaceutical and bio company, nuclear power plant, clean room and air conditioner of building. Cambridge Filter will expand its entering into the area of Europe and America, China and Southeast Asia market through the footholds in its United States, China and Singapore companies, and will be growing into world’s largest air filter and system company in clean room and air conditioning field in the future.
Petroleum Gas
Business Division
Daesung Industrial Petroleum Gas Business Division is reviewing local business feasibility by sending container sample to export rechargeable butane can and charging facility, and expecting to explore overseas market through visit and survey overseas countries when COVID-19 is relieved.
  • Overseas Local Companies

    Daesung Industrial Co., Ltd. Overseas Resources Development Business Division Started crude oil production since 2004 by participating NC174 project in Libya Started gas and condensate production since 2006 by participating 11-2 project in Vietnam Started gas production since 1999 by participating Ras Laffan project in Qatar and is exporting LNG from the location to Korea, India, etc. currently

  • Daesung Celtic Enersys U.S. subsidiary

    The U.S. subsidiary (VESTA) is providing premium grade gas boilers and gas water heaters for the North American market. In addition, we continue to provide our customers with the best energy savings, and are expanding our business throughout the United States and North American markets.

  • Daesung Celtic Enersys Chinese subsidiary

    The Chinese subsidiary founded in 2018 is the first overseas production base with an annual production capacity of 200,000 units. In addition to advanced facilities and specialized parts laboratories, corporate factories have intelligent production facilities for boiler and parts production.

  • Daesung Celtic Enersys Russian subsidiary

    The Russian subsidiary was founded in 2019 and is supplying excellent boilers throughout Russia. It is growing into a local recognized brand for its excellent technology that does not have any trouble in Russia's various environments.

  • Daesung Machinery Co., Ltd. in Suzhou

    Daesung Machinery Co., Ltd. in Suzhou is a hydraulic and gearded motor production corporation established in Suzhou, China in 2007. Through the production of hydraulic valves and girded motors for agricultural and machine tools, it is growing to become a global company for overseas expansion such as Yanmar China, Kubota China, Kato, and Lovol.