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Symbol Mark

Symbol Mark

Based on a circle that symbolizes harmony and union, the symbol mark expresses the three triangles representing the management philosophy of service/sincerity/progress in a stable form. It shows the determination of Daesung man to make strides for Daesung dedicated to the country, society, and neighbors, Daesung fulfilling its duties through hardworking, honest personality and active self-development, Daesung which is Creative, innovative and forward-looking for new environments and higher ideals.

Logo Type


  • PANTON 185C / Hex #d81408 / RGB 216 20 8 / CMYK 19 98 100 0

    DS Red

    The dedicated color is one of the three basic elements that form the image of Daesung along with the symbol mark and logo type. Daesung's exclusive color designation is a red color with a fresh and distinctive color This is called 'DS Red'.

  • PANTON CG11C / Hex #565656 / RGB 86 86 86 / CMYK 72 64 61 16

    DS Gray

    It's dark gray applied to logo types, etc. and gray used as the background color for sinews This is called 'DS Dark Gray' and 'DS Gray'.