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Changes and challenges for new creation in a new era of change

We're at the forefront of scientific and new technological development On the basis of printing and talent development, Through fair and reasonable corporate management Realize the welfare of customers, shareholders, and Daesung employees As a world-class blue-chip company in professionalism, public interest and profitability, It fulfills the social responsibility of the company given to us.


Global Platform Business Company


Daesung will enter into the world market
with advanced future technology and transparent management.

The motto of a company

Service, Sincerity, Enterprising

Management policy

Daesung promise

  • Management of Economic Responsibility
  • Management of Economic Responsibility

    Diverse development of profitable business

    Development of products and technologies that meet customer needs

    Enhancing the economic efficiency of the enterprise

    Enhancing corporate value for shareholder’s rights and interests

  • Management of Social Responsibility
  • Management of Social Responsibility

    Concentration of Capacity for the Happiness of Social Members

    Provide an environment for team work and collaboration among employees in the organization

    Establishment of external confidence through transparent management

    Environmental improvement through environmentally friendly business support

  • Management of International Responsibility
  • Management of International Responsibility

    Active response to globalization of the corporate environment

    Building trust in economic cooperation between countries

    Cultivation of international professional manpower