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Leading the Automation Era with Electronic Proportional Hydraulic Valve Technology

Daesung Nachi Hydraulic Industry Co., Ltd., founded in 1988 in cooperation with Nachi-Fujikoshi of Japan which is the world's leading manufacturer of hydraulic equipment, produces various hydraulic products. It establishes MES production base through smart factory construction, and continuously builds and utilizes automation and semi-automation of machine tools and precision processing lines using robots for productivity improvement and quality innovation. In addition, it provides technology and services that can compete with hydraulic makers in Europe and Japan with over 3 million solenoid production experiences and electronic proportional valve development capabilities over 34 years. Electronic proportional pressure relief valves for construction machinery have been mass-produced since 2011, and electronic proportional flow control valves for agricultural machinery have been mass-produced since 2020, and various electronic proportional valves for excavators have been developed and used by overseas customers such as Japan and China.

Overseas expansion status

Daesung NACHI Hydraulics Co., Ltd., is exporting hydraulic valves and components to China and Japan currently, and achieving annual sales of KRW 4 Billion per year. We will not only expand Chinese and Japanese market but also actively explore new markets such as Russia and ASEAN countries in the future.

Daesung NACHI