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Healthy energy filled with leading technology and innovation

Founded in 1982, Daesung Celtic Enersys Co., Ltd. was established as a technology partner by Sapoto Emora, France, and began to distribute the European traditional gas boiler 2.16RSc, focusing on continuing technology development to keep your cold winter warm.

In addition to producing and manufacturing gas boilers/water heaters with the best quality and performance through the advancedtechnology, we are doing our best to fill the customers' lives with healthy energy by researching and developing various products with ventilation systems/home networks/hot water mats/air purifiers.

Daesung Celtic Enersys Co., Ltd. will continue to take the lead in ESG management by obtaining various eco-friendly certifications such as reducing nitrogen oxide emissions, carbon footprint certification, and carbon cashback system in an effort to preserve a clean environment and live a healthy life.

Overseas expansion status

Daesung Celtics Co., Ltd. is continuing its active localization strategy by establishing overseas subsidiaries in the United States, Russia, and China beyond Korea currently.

Typically, it is growing every year by exporting gas boiler and gas water heater, and it is striving to expand sales and market share in various overseas regions through continuous quality innovation and product development.

Daesung Celtic Enersys
Photo view of the Daesung Celtic Enersys Factory