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A specialized detergent company that puts the environment first

In 1989, Daesung C&S Co., Ltd. was established in technical cooperation with German Henkel KGaA, a global washing & cleaning maker.

The company provides the service to install and manage various kinds of cleaning and washing products and devices for household and industrial purposes. Daesung C&S Co., Ltd. offer all the products, technologies, and services after testing them thoroughly from the standpoint of customers. With the management philosophy ‘quality first’, the company provides eco-friendly products with high quality.

Overseas expansion status

Daesung C&S Co., Ltd. exports laundry detergents, acetic acid peroxide products (food additives), and endoscopic cleaning products to Vietnam, Malaysia, Saipan, and Mongolia. The company plans to expand the export countries to main South East countries, including Indonesia and Sri Lanka, and the export products to kitchen detergents, food & beverage, and cleaning products for processing factories, actively pioneering a new market in the environmental disinfectant area that has drawn a lot of attention since COVID-19.

Daesung C&S