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Clean Air is Our Business, Eco-friendly filter specialized company
Our company holds the largest air-filter production factory in the world.

Cambridge Filter Korea Co., Ltd., established as a joint venture between Daesung Industrial Co., Ltd. and Cambridge Filter Japan Co., Ltd., is a leading company in the domestic air filter market, manufacturing Air Filters for clean rooms and equipment for such as TFT-LCD, pharmaceutical, bio, and hospitals and special filters such as Air Filters for air conditioning in buildings and nuclear power plants, sterilization enzyme filters, Chemical Filters, PTFE filters, etc. and complex air filters. It is the world's largest air filter production plant that realize continuously mechanized automation in the production sector, control quality thoroughly by introducing various test equipment, and meet customer needs through continuous performance and quality checking and A/S after delivery, so most of our filters are applied to clean rooms in semiconductors, TFT LCDs, and bio. By continuously pursuing product diversification by upgrading existing products as well as developing new products for the next generation, we will show our progress while gaining trust from our customers.

Overseas expansion status

Cambridge Filter is exporting air filter products to the countries around the world including Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Major sales products are overall filter products for semiconductor and display company, pharmaceutical and bio company, nuclear power plant, clean room and air conditioner of building. Cambridge Filter will expand its entering into the area of Europe and America, China and Southeast Asia market through the footholds in its United States, China and Singapore companies, and will be growing into world’s largest air filter and system company in clean room and air conditioning field in the future.

Cambridge Filter Korea